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About imaginKids to learn in family

imaginKids, the application for family learning with games, challenges and tasks. Learn with videos
and educational content on saving money, environment and financial education
imaginKids is an application for kids to learn awesome and sustainable financial habits in a fun and
totally interactive way, with videos, games, challenges and tasks.
The application is aimed at kids up to the age of 11, evolving with them as they obtain older and get
more knowledge. In other words, the activities, games, challenges, tasks and content change and
adapt to the age of the children, so they can learn fresh knowledge about finance and

In imaginKids you will find educational videos, fun, education and android games for kids. ¡Learn
about sustainability and finance with your family!

Your kids can use imaginKids from their smartphone and you can use it from your mobile.

imaginKids, the application for learning about sustainability and finances as a family with games
and challenges 📱 🎯

You will find 2 accesses to imaginKids, 1 for kids and 1 for parents.
What is it unique about the adult’s profile?🧔
The adult access contains exclusive promotional codes as well as augmented reality features and
a dynamic of challenges, tasks and rewards to encourage awesome financial habits among children
and motivate them to learn fresh skills. At the same time, you will be able to view the Kids
🚸📚 Educational tool for your family
Help your kids achieve their goals in a fun way. Assign them tasks and challenges and track
them from your mobile ¡You can choose the rewards you wish once the objectives are
They will be able to tag the tasks as done from their iPad and you will be able to validate it
from your mobile.
So they can learn the value of making an effort to achieve their goals, under your supervision.
No 1 better than you to introduce your kids to sustainable financial education
If you have an imaginKids account, you can teach them all the movements in a visual and fun
way from the app, through games, challenges and tasks.
and...the children’s profile? 👧
♻️ Sustainable and financial content with imaginKidsPlanet and imaginKidsEconomy, with videos
and activities to learn about saving, the environment and awesome habits.
🧒 🧠 Personalised adventure partner
Your kid will be able to choose their favourite hero and personalise it as they want to be
accompanied by him/her throughout the app.
🧩👶 Games and challenges, videos and customised content
There is a section with games, workshops, videos of their favourite characters and content to
learn and have fun as a family whenever you want. They will also have access to selected content
from Boing and Super 3.
🎊 The more you use imaginKids, the more surprises will appear
Using the imaginKids application is rewarding. As the children complete the challenges and tasks, they can
unlock surprises.
The imaginKids acc is CaixaBank's children's acc aimed at kids up to the age of 11. If
you don't yet have an imaginKids account, you can begin 1 at your usual CaixaBank branch.
Enjoy family activities and challenges so kids can learn about finances, train their memory
and awaken their creativity.
How does imaginKids work?
📲⚙️ Download imaginKids and register your kids up to the age of 11. If you are a CaixaBank
customer, you have direct access in your CaixaBankNow app. Kids can register themselves
but they always need your validation to enter.
The child, from the fresh profile created, will access the dynamic content with which they can view
and complete the challenges and tasks set, view the content of games, challenges, videos and
posts, and earn rewards once the established objectives have been achieved.
imaginKids, the application for financial and sustainability learning in family throughout
videos,games and challenges for kids

New Features: We return with news!<br><br> <br><br>Web ring you a new version that includes small improvements so that the app is faster, better connection and your imagin experience is even better.<br><br> <br><br>Thanks to your comments we continue working in our new features and improvements designed just for you.<br><br> <br><br>If you like what you see, give us 5 stars!

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